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The Importance Of A Personalized Golf Ball Marker

Imagine you're on the green with your golfing with someone else, and you're both just a few feet away from the hole, your golf balls lying uncomfortably close to one another. Rules dictate that the furthest ball out has the first shot, but unfortunately your golf ball is obstructing your friend's line, so what do you do? Do you tell him just to deal with it? Figure it out?

Comments like that are only a good idea if you want to see how good your friend's throwing arm is after he picks up your ball and tosses it into the nearest hazard. Golf is a game of prestige and etiquette, and like many other gestures that encompass a day out on the course, there is also one that affords players plenty of room to putt without having to worry about running into another player's golf ball.

The importance of knowing how to use a golf ball marker comes into play. Pros and weekend warriors alike have used golf ball markers in one form or another since the early years of the game. So what exactly are they?

What Is A Golf Ball Marker?

Golf ball markers are used on putting greens to mark the position of a player's ball so that he or she will be able to remove their golf ball to allow another player to putt without obstruction. They can be anything from a lucky coin to a paper marker, so long as the object doesn't get in the way of the other player's line.

Golf ball markers typically consist of small, flat objects, making coins a popular alternative for custom markers. In recent years, however, golf ball markers have taken on new forms and features, giving players the ability to customize their own markers and adding a personal touch to their spot on the green.

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