Why Crystal Nail Files, you ask?
They leave your nails very smooth. They help prevent splitting, cracking and peeling. THEY NEVER WEAR DOWN, THEY NEVER WEAR OUT. The “grit” has been permanently etched into the filing surface. They do not leave burrs like an emery board or metal nail file. They are lead-free and can be sanitized by heat, liquid or UV light or running under warm water can easily clean them at home. They are made of crystal (floated) glass and are much stronger than regular glass.

They are airplane friendly.
They are not guaranteed against breaking. 

Since all files are hand painted or enhanced no two are exactly alike and not all styles and designs are available at all times. The pictured files are a representative sampling of my inventory.

All Crystal Nail Files are hand painted by me.
No two are EVER alike… each is unique and dependent upon my attitude and mood at the moment I might start out to create a simple lovely design and end up with all sorts of “bling, glitter, glitz and glam.” You will not be disappointed in the design or quality of the Crystal Nail File… expect to be thrilled and delighted!

Most of my designs are painted on colored files.
They may be red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink or a combo of those colors. Some may be metallic or rainbow…all are BEAUTIFUL especially the brand new PEARL colors.
Palm tree designs may also include the sun, birds, flowers, coconuts, dragonflies and other greenery… lots of fun… you never know what to expect other than a file like no one else owns

Once you use a Crystal Nail File you will never use another kind.
Art doesn’t have to be some painting on a wall…it can actually be a handy tool for everyday use. All sizes of my delicately HAND PAINTED Crystal Nail Files are wonderful on both NATURAL and ARTIFICIAL nails. The small size, about 3 ½ inches is great for carrying in your purse and quick touch-up.

The most popular medium, about 5 ½ inches, also fits nicely in your purse and can be used for any desired application (except please don’t try to use it for a screwdriver.) The largest, the FANTASTIC FOOT FILE is about 6 inches LONG, is great on your feet. It removes corns, calluses and helps eliminate hard, crusty heels. It is also much kinder to your feet than a pumice stone. The HARD CASE FILES are about 4 1/2 inches in length and are encased in a colorful hard plastic case for added protection. All sizes come with a plastic sheath and hard clear case to help protect them. Designer cases and black velvet sleeves are also available.

They are great gifts, great stocking stuffers.
One-size fits all and the lady who has everything probably doesn’t have a Crystal Nail File…or if she does…well, one is never enough. I imported the basic file from the CZECH REPUBLIC. Not to be confused with inferior files. These are the BEST! Settle for nothing less… enjoy a hand painted Crystal Nail File from Kramer Kollection.

Since no two nail files are ever alike it is impossible to show pictures of my entire inventory.
Some of the unique designs available are: cats, dogs, hummingbirds, birdhouses, frogs, bees, dragonflies, crosses, angels, flamingos, cherries, turtles, musical notes, ladybugs, flip flops, golf balls, golf greens, paw prints, martini glasses, wine glasses, butterflies, palm trees and butterflies…just to name a few.

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